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How He Asked... The Belles and Beaux Proposal

Sherry Scheline

How he asked Boise

Occasionally in our lives we meet people that bring us unmeasurable joy.  The moment I met Carrigan I knew there was something special in store.  Carrigan is this young man just bursting with happiness.  In just a few short weeks he will marry the love of his life and they will be joining the pastoral staff at a local church in the Boise area.   They were recently published on the popular engagement blog "How He Asked"  which is a division of The Knot.  We wanted to say thank you to Carrigan and Maddy for the kind words and wish them well on their final countdown.  May blessings fall on both of you.


how he asked boise

how we met

Carrigan and I met at a church event in September of 2015. We actually didn’t start liking each other until about 8 months after we met. I can count on one hand the amount of conversations we had in those 8 months. At one point, it seemed liked all the girls had a crush on Carrigan and I was the only one that didn’t. He was close with my family and a lot of my friends, so I was always around him, yet we never really talked. We even went on a trip to Seattle together (along with 7 other people) and still didn’t say much to each other.

madelyne and cardigan

It wasn’t until the end of April that we had actual conversations with each other and started to get to know each other better. It was almost like a light bulb went off and we both had the thought of “wow, this person is really cool, where have you been all my life?!” Then, before I knew it, we were talking all the time. I remember the first time he sent me a kissy face emoji and I internally freaked out. We started dating in May of 2016 and ever since then it’s been hard to imagine life without him. He’s my best friend and the most amazing guy I’ve ever known. I still don’t know how I got so lucky. I will forever be thanking God for bringing us together.

engaged idaho
Boise foothills engagement session

how he asked

The fact that Carrigan pulled off this proposal without me having any suspicions is incredible. He proposed at the Belles and Beaux wedding show at Chateau Des Fleurs that was put on by Sherry Scheline with Idaho Wed. I was working at the wedding show as one of the vendors and Carrigan just just so happened to be modeling in the wedding fashion show later that night. Once it was time for the fashion show, I took my seat at the very end of the runway next to some friends and family members. The show started and Carrigan was modeling, but I still didn’t know that the only reason he was modeling in it was so that he could pull off the proposal. Near the end of the show, all the models were walking down the runway one last time. Carrigan was the last one to walk, and right as he began walking down the runway the song “You & I” by John Legend started playing, which is our song. I turned to my cousin sitting next to me and said “Awwwhh, this is our song!” She said “Oh, really?”

Chateau Des Fleurs

Even though she knew what was about to happen. I was videoing him on my phone as he was walking down. Once he got to the end of the runway where I was sitting, he stopped right next to my chair. At this point, I was STILL videoing him. He turned to my chair, grabbed my phone, set it down and pulled me onto the runway with him. It wasn’t until that moment that I knew what was about to happen. I was SO surprised! The whole time he was talking I couldn’t believe it was happening. I’m glad we got a video of it because I was so surprised that I barely remembered anything. It was the best night of my life and it still feels like a dream. I’m very grateful for everyone that helped with the proposal, especially my fiancé who couldn’t have done a better job. Huge thank you to Sherry Scheline, Tina Tatum, Chateau Des Fleurs and everyone else that put a lot of effort into making this night so special.

boise engagement ring


Watch more proposal videos & follow @HowHeAsked on Instagram for more stories!

special thanks

Sherry Scheline | 


Boise Wedding Productions | 


Kris Johnson | 





Memorial Day BBQ with 3 Girls

Sherry Scheline

farm to fork
3 Girls Catering...redefining IDAHO BBQ
Idaho foodies love farm to fork options in Idaho.  Idaho produces some of the finest produce in the world.  3 Girls Catering sources locally before going elsewhere. They work closely with Treasure Valley farmers and build menus around the freshest, most delicious seasonal ingredients available...and they serve you nothing that they wouldn’t serve to their loved ones!
Weddings and events to corporate gatherings, 3 Girls can even cater a simple picnic for your office.  The weather is gorgeous...and our favorite local ingredients are flourishing!!!  Healthy doesn't have to be boring...let us shake things up by creating a special menu for you today.
Idaho Catering

Well...Girl #3 ran away with the circus and though Lisa and Gretchen tried their damndest to find another 3rd girl, it turns out this is not such an easy feat!  Who knew?  3 Girls Catering turns out is only 2 girls.  Not to worry, they now have upwards of 10 girls (some guys too) and we love their growing business. 

We hope that you give them the opportunity to create your menu, your food and your vision...They really love what they do and it shows.  Besides...IT'S NOT A PARTY WITHOUT 3 GIRLS!

3 Girls Catering

gretchen and lisa

Since it is Memorial Day Weekend we wanted to celebrate with some Idaho BBQ ideas.   The first is Huckleberry BBQ Sauce.  We posted this little gem from the archives to get you in the BBQ spirit.  

"We got good buns."

Idaho BBQs are not complete without some great Idaho ingredients.  Idaho Huckleberries added to the BBQ Sauce, Idaho Beef,  Idaho Potatoes on the grill, and don't forget some of the other great Idaho grown produce.  


We hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and enjoy some of Idaho's freshness at your BBQ.


Almost A Royal Wedding

Hailey Townsend


Instagram and Facebook are a buzz today with photos from the "almost" royal wedding.   All over the world our eyes are focused on this wedding today.   

What are the trends that will come from today? What inspirations will we discover? How does today impact weddings around the world?    



The first big impact is the dress.  Pippa Middleton's  Giles Deacon gown was stunning. The cap sleeves and high collar are certain to trend.  In the next few months leading up to fall market in October watch the necklines rise and the sleeves shorten.  Veils will also make a comeback.    

Albeit, she is not marrying a prince she is the sister of a Royal.  Pippa was all the rage after Prince Williams and Kate's Royal Wedding.   



The other noticeable thing we will clearly see is a trend towards small dainty bouquets with large floral arrangements.    



The smaller bouquet brings all the focus on to the bride.  Don't loose all the major florals in the background and "WOW" on the church doorway.  Looking forward to more images from the reception where I am certain the floral presentation excels beyond our wildest dreams.  In recent weddings here in the United States, we have already begun seeing the trend towards small bouquets.    


Last, we will never have enough of these two sisters.  Kate and Pippa just make sisterhood cool.  We love sisterhood.    


Have fun fun checking out the pictures today and comment what you see as the biggest trends to come out of the "almost" royal wedding.  



Featured Vendor: Major Events

Sherry Scheline

whitetail mccall

Major Events is the event decor experts of Idaho.  If there was an award for the most active team these ladies would get it.  They are putting out perfection from McCall to Salt Lake City.  

Major Events Boise

Their website reads "At Major Events, we will make sure every detail of your wedding reflects your unique style and personality. "  Upon viewing their events you know this is true.  Each event holding it's own creative spice setting it apart from the others. 

Major Events is the perfect party planning team no matter what your major event is.  Graduation parties, birthdays, charity events, corporate parties and of course weddings are all part of the Major way.

Andrea Major

Major Events is named after the owner Andrea Major.  Andrea's primary love is her children.  She takes a great deal of pride in them and they ALWAYS come first for her. Her new passion is becoming a fitness guru.  She has found a new passion at the gym and is becoming a fitness expert.  She is the women we all are jealous of and certainly aspire to be.  

As I write I think of the true beauty of Andrea and it is how personable she is and how she relates to each of her clients.  To truly see any professional's character all one must do is watch someone's social media.  On Andrea's you will see her rocking out on road trips, occasionally hitting the dance floor, riding four wheelers with her kids and just being silly.  She laughs,  she smiles and you'll want her to be your best friend. 

major events staff

Jamie... Oh Jamie... I first met Jamie nearly 4 years ago.  She was on the founding board of the Idaho Event Professionals.  She was an incredible team player and an incredible addition to the event industry.  She is Andrea's right hand woman.  Every single time I have had the honor of working with Jamie I am in awe at how much she gets done in just a short amount of time.  She does a terrific job managing her crew.  I have watched them transform rooms in a snap. I have seen her turn a boat dock in to what looks like a glimpse of heaven.  I have seen a forest transform into a magical wonderland. She climbs ladders, she hangs drapery, she is one of the hardest workers I have ever met.  Jamie is an incredible event coordinator as well as designer. 

Mrs. berry Event coordinator

OH Mrs.Berry, the wedding coordinator that out does them all.  This gal, can work a wedding show all day and in to the night which doesn't seem like that big of a deal unless you are like 19 months pregnant and wearing 5" heels.  OOPS that was a typo on the 19 months, but for dramatic effects we will leave it. Heather Berry is an awesome event coordinator. Her hard work and dedication are clear with every event she puts on.  She loves Major Events and does a phenomenal job.

We won't list each individual staff member of Major Events, but rest assured they are an amazing team.  Be sure to follow them on social media and take a few minutes and check out their website 


Sherry Scheline



"You've made it to Prom, and don't you look beautiful!  

Prom will be a wonderful memory for you and we'd like to make sure that it is.  


Dinner is on us!! 

Maybe one day, a few years from now, you'll see a couple out for prom and offer to do the same. 

Until then, take a picture of yourselves tonight and post it for us to see.  


Have a wonderful time!  

D & M" 




Imagine being a high school student, saving every penny for the event of a lifetime, your prom. 



From Boise to McCall the PromItForward couple has been impacting prom night all over Idaho.  The beautiful thing is they don't want to keep the fun for themselves.  They have chosen to be secretive and merely use the initials D&M, but they encourage you to make your own little Prom It Forward note and head out to dinner.  April is prom season and although you may have missed it this year mark it down for next year.   

Here's how you play. 

1.  Make a card or note that says why you are paying.  Something like that above.  

2. Plan a date night for you and your partner on a night that there is a local prom. Choose a fancier restaurant.  You can even engage with the restaurant regarding their traffic.  Simply ask "do you have many prom reservations?" 

3. Go enjoy dinner. When you see a couple quietly tell the staff you would like the tab.  Hand them the note and let Prom It Forward go in to motion.   


Such a nice gesture of kindness.  

Something Blue is On Trend 2017

Sherry Scheline

Strictly Wedding

Wedding trend setting blogs like Strictly Weddings are really important to follow so that you can continually feel inspired during your planning process. Check out Strictly Weddings and find your inspiration. 

Posted on: April 8, 2017    |     

Something Blue is On Trend in 2017

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Newsflash: Your something blue is on trend in 2017. Turning the age old saying on its head in bold and colorful fashion whether it’s in the décor or even (gasp) your wedding dress. Vibrant and unexpected color or pattern combinations are starting to replace the ubiquitous blush this season. That being said, we are also seeing ideas for a new romantic pairing – pattern blues with blushing brides as IDoWed and DoneRight Management illustrate in this stunning editorial. Take this blushing YSA Makino show stopper paired with Delft tableware at the Jug Mountain Ranch in Idaho. Cimbalik Photography takes us on a journey through the countryside hills from behind their lens creating a gallery we could escape into for days on end.

Something Blue is On Trend in 2017

Bold color palettes open the door for using unique floral varieties as Wildflower Floral Events created. Beyond the common place of roses and peonies. Going big and bold is definitely on trend as we see color coming back in through the décor. With this top of mind, and an exquisite Dutch bride, this fabulous team of vendors incorporated her family’s collection of Delft dinnerware into the tablescape. Bringing together various elements with a farmhouse and rustic chic vibe. The Delft touch, the porcelain choice dating back to the 17th-century in Holland, is every bit as coveted today thanks to its charming depictions of country life. Forever preserved in inky blues and soft whites. The gorgeous blue and white are the hallmark colors of Delft pottery and ceramics. While brides are incorporating a bit of blue into their color scheme, we also see them breaking the norm of tradition with a bright white gown. Trading it in for a bit of subtle blush for their dream gown. This YSA Makino from LaNeige Bridal Boutique screams statement gown with a fusion of sensuality and attention to traditional details. The varying dimensions from the fabric to 3D floral bring out subtle details that create a bold expression of exuberance. What a delicious why to showcase exactly how something blue is on trend in 2017.

Ysa Makino
pink wedding
Cimbalik Photography
something blue
huckleberry pie
belgian eclairs
wedding cupcakes
wedding dessert
the pink bride
The mountain bride
adalynn mcinroy
little princess
ring bearer
bridal party
Pantone Beauty
mccall wedding invitations
wildflower bouquets
mccall pies
wedding inspiration
Idaho Wedding inspiration
idaho vintage rentals
McCall Wedding Cake
idaho flower girl
jug mountain ranch wedding
wildflower bouquets
Serenity blue and rose quartz
The idaho bride
the pink bride
idaho wedding
idaho wedding
mccall vacation rental
pink bride
dress and charm


Photographer: Cimbalik Photography | Pre Ceremony Location: DoneRight Management | Ceremony Location: Historic Roseberry | Other: IDoWED | Reception Venue: Jug Mountain Ranch | Etsy Bridesmaids Designer: Just Dress and Charm | Dress Designer:YSA Makino from LaNeige Bridal Boutique | Makeup Artist: Mariah Joy Kimball | Dress Store: MeaMarie Bridal Atelier | Hair Stylist: SnipIts | Floral Designer: Wildflower Floral Events | Submitted viaTwo Bright Lights

For more wedding inspiration check out Strictly Weddings

Your Daily Dose of Wedding Fashion

Sherry Scheline

Your Daily Dose of Wedding Fashion

Amy Jo Tatum the editor of Bride Chic is a wedding fashion expert.  Her blog is about the fashions that make your event perfect.  We are so honored with this April feature on Bride Chic.  Please take some time and check out Bride Chic. 




I always enjoy posting sessions where I can feature other Etsy designers.  Today's post is all about a wedding in the Idaho mountains highlighting some absolutely gorg fashion, flowers and decor.  DC Dress out of Niagra Falls, NY created the infinity dresses the bridesmaids are wearing.  These are actually dresses an attendant can wear after the ceremony and in infinite ways.  Capturing all this scenic swoon?  Rob and Laura Cimbalik of  Cimbalik Photography.  Kudos go out to the editor and coordinator ofthis project, Sherry Scheline of I Do Wed, who says, "We planned a beautiful styled shoot and using blues and pinks. The bride is Dutch and her family had Delft dinnerware, the perfect addition to the event--it brought together all the elements. On this shoot we incorporated the backdrop of nature to really bring in some pops of color . . ."

jug mountain ranch
wildflower bouquets
mccall bride
pink bride
McCall bridal party
dress and charm
the pink bride
baby blue bridesmaids
spring flowers
idaho wedding
mccall area wedding
roseberry wedding
jug mountain wedding
dutch delft ware
printshop McCall
wedding table
cimbalik photography
wedding desserts
dessert displays
the pink vase
wedding treats
McCall kids
she is a little princess
dancing in mccall
fancy dresser
mccall desserts
idaho wildflower
fairytale wedding
tiny little angel
flower girl dress from daci
cute flower girl
adalyn  mcinroy
Tana Photography
the fairytale bride

Photographer:   Cimbalik Photography//Pre Ceremony Location: DoneRight Management//Ceremony Location:Historic Roseberry//WeddingPlanner IDoWED//Model:IDoWED/ /Reception Venue: Jug Mountain Ranch//Bridesmaid Dresses:Just Dress and Charm//Flower Girl's Dress: LaNeige Bridal /Bride's Wedding Dress: Leigh Price for Ysa Makano available at MeaMarie Bridal Atelier//Makeup Artist: Mariah Joy Kimball///Hair Stylist:SnipIts//Model:Tatum Productions//Floral Designer: Wildflower Floral Events////Submitted via Two Bright Lights


For more Bridal Fashion check out BrideChic

April Showers

Sherry Scheline

wildflower flowers and events

This is the perfect month for showers.  We've all heard April showers bring May flowers and this is true; we however are speaking of a different kind of shower.   Spring is the perfect time to celebrate the bride to be.  

5 cute Idaho shower ideas  

1. Dessert Only  

Those cute dessert bars are not just for weddings.  Create a beautiful dessert bar for the bridal shower you are hosting.  Get some fresh flowers.  Choose multiple desserts and use cake plates of different sizes to create depth and make a beautiful display.   Add in Idaho desserts like huckleberry pie or really personalize it and get dessert recipes from both sides of the family and make "family desserts."   No matter what you choose, dessert first is always best.  Let the inner sweet tooth come out. 

april showers bring may flowers

2. Personal Shower 

Many times lingerie is exchanged at the bachelorette party as a gift but why not go a step beyond.   Plan your shower at a local hotel like The Grove Hotel Boise and reserve a room.  Have a photographer and a glam team come and have all the guests enjoy a mini boudoir session.  Bring lingerie for themselves and a new piece for the bride.   You will all have fun and everyone will love the take home party favor of their own boudoir photo.    The groom will also love his gift.   

3. ALL Idaho Themed Shower

Take shop small to a whole new level.  Invite your guests to an Idaho themed shower.  Request that all the gifts be hand crafted Idaho items.  The guests will love thinking outside the box.  Enjoy Idaho foods and of course Idaho cocktails.    Yes, Idaho cocktails!  Show off some of the great options we have here in Idaho. 

photo courtesy of 44 North Vodka

photo courtesy of 44 North Vodka

4. The Giving Shower

Many couples are not in need of more "stuff" and they are foregoing traditional wedding gifts.  This does not mean the giving needs to stop.  When planning a shower check out some non-profits.  Use your event to help a worthy cause.  It may be something as simple as having a tea party at The Bishops House.  You could book Life's Kitchen to cater your event. You could also still go and register and donate all the items to the Women and Children's Alliance.   The most important thing is getting your friends and family together.  You can have a giving shower in which all the guests make a donation in the Bride's name to the charity of their choice.   

5. Destination Showers

The planning process is so exhausting and the guest of honor may truly need a break.  Plan a destination shower.  Idaho has so many beautiful destination spots. Book a weekend getaway at a large home in a beautiful place like McCall and enjoy a relaxing weekend.  Done Right Management in McCall has homes that sleep up to 50 people.  What an enjoyable and fun way to spend a weekend.  Finish up those DIY tasks the bride is working on and enjoy the time together. 


Photos from Cimbalik Photography





Whitetail Wedding

Sherry Scheline

shorelodge wedding

A story of love knowing no borders.  A tale of immigration and coming together to say "I DO." Their skin is not different nor is the language they speak, but these two lovers were separated by an ocean of complications. 

whitetail tree

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

This inscription on lady liberty seems so easy.  Allison quickly learned that having her groom join her in the United States was not as easy as hearing the call from Lady Liberty. 

first dance

When Alli was asked about her wedding planning process the first thing she spoke about was the immigration process.  Prior to planning things like invitations, choosing a cake flavor, and buying a gown they needed to go through the immigration process. 

idaho couple

"I looked through your magazine many times when planning our wedding. The magazine helped us with several resources and I am ecstatic that we are going to be featured. I guess one fun thing about our wedding is that Luke is from Manchester, England and I am from Boise, Idaho.  We met while backpacking in Thailand. Although our wedding was the absolute best week of both of our lives planning for it it was a little more difficult than the usual."

boise brides


 "Flowers, catering, dress decisions; before we could even consider any of those fun details we went through a year of immigration paperwork and interviews in order for Luke to be able to marry me and live in the United States. It was an amazing accomplishment for him to get approved. This made the rest of the wedding planning the icing on the cake."

pop clink fizz

Immigration is time consuming as well as difficult.  The United States has historically been waiting with Lady Liberty inviting guests; the truth is it is far more difficult to come to America than one thinks.  United States immigration law is very complex.  The Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), the body of law governing current immigration policy limits the numbers of immigrants into America. Immigration to the United States is based upon the following principles: the reunification of families, admitting immigrants with skills that are valuable to the U.S. economy, protecting refugees, and promoting diversity.

I love you moran more

They succeeded.  Their love is deeper than the oceans that separated them, greater than the miles between them, and stronger than the laws that they had to work through.  Love knows no borders.  Here they are... TOGETHER!

wedding kiss

America the beautiful. McCall the beautiful.  I swear purple mountain majesty was written about Jug Mountain.   After Luke and Allison completed all their paperwork McCall became the official destination. 

visit McCall
mccall wedding decor

"I truly enjoyed working with Jamie and Andrea at Major Events. They have a gorgeous selection of wedding decor and they shared some fabulous insights and expertise that I wouldn't have thought of had I planned it all myself. I would highly recommend them to help plan, setup, or design any event." 

Allison hired a team of event planners to help her plan and design her special day.  She knew how time consuming immigration would be, Luke moving, and so much more; she trusted Major Events for all the details. 

married in mccall
first dance
whitetail wedding in McCall, Idaho


"When Luke first visited me in Idaho, the first place I took him was to McCall. I had grown up spending weekends there my entire life. He has since fallen in love with it just as much as I have. Over the years we have spent time nordic skiing, playing games, golfing and celebrating at Whitetail."

golf cart cruise McCall, Idaho

We both have done our fair share of traveling (especially during our time living in London) and McCall especially Whitetail is one of our favorite places in the world.

whitetail breeze
idaho nights
McCall nights
wedding tent Major Events


From the view, to the manicured lawns, stunning sunset and the phenomenal chef Julian I can't imagine a more beautiful evening. We also spent some of our weekend at Shore Lodge and on the Lake. It was the best way to show off Idaho to our out of town guests.

table scape
wedding guests
wedding guests
whitetail wedding
idaho flowers
bridal party
married in mccall

Photography: Nate Perkes

Event Design: Major Events

Venue: Whitetail

Paper Suite: Paperie + Pen

Hair and Makeup: Shawna Hines

Lodging and Venue: Shore Lodge

Photo Booth: Treasure Valley Photobooth

DJ:  VCI Audio


(Whitetail Club is a private resort.  IDoWED encourages you to consider homeownership at Whitetail Resort )

Total Eclipse of The Heart

Sherry Scheline

As fate would have it on the year you were destined to get married there is a solar eclipse.  "Events that take place just before and just after an eclipse have more weight to them than usual." says an astrologer for Spirit Now.  That which is started during an eclipse will not stop.   

Even if one does not believe in the mystical power of the eclipse; one can not deny the wonder of it. 

map of the eclipse

The path of the solar eclipse has become an increased travel area and many travelers are planning  site seeing trips around the path of the solar eclipse.  The eclipse albeit only a few short minutes is going to be a once in a lifetime occurrence.  If you believe in the mystical aspects of an eclipse astrologers believe the bonds forged 4 days before and eclipse and 4 days after an eclipse are unbreakable. 

top 10 eclipse watching spots

The Great American Eclipse has listed their "TOP 10 Places to See The Solar Eclipse." Idaho makes the top 10 and so we are already preparing for the excitement around our state come this August. 

snake river solar eclipse

Snake River Valley, Idaho

Duration of totality is 2 minutes, 18 seconds

Totality begins at 11:33 a.m. MDT

The Snake River Valley in eastern Idaho consists of farmland and lava fields. This area is an attractive spot for eclipse chasers because of fairly good weather prospects and many roads for evasive maneuvering in the event of local clouds. 

total solar eclipse

In Eastern Idaho we have some of the most beautiful locations in the world.  Inviting your friends and family to your Idaho wedding during this time of the year is perfect.   Our recommended venue in this area is The Venue at Rigby.

The venue at Rigby

The Venue at Rigby is a shared artist studio by day, private venue by night. the venue in Rigby, idaho hosts elegant events, weddings, luncheons, receptions, art inspired workshops, editorial photo shoots, visionary meetings, unique galleries and creative studio space. It’s an inspired space where beauty is celebrated & Eastern Idaho’s most passionate makers share their knowledge and creation. 

It is the perfect location to come and celebrate the eclipse and have your wedding or event. 

142 e. main st., Rigby, idaho 83442

Eastern Idaho Wedding Venue

"Total solar eclipse over Idaho"

"As the Moon's shadow crosses into Idaho over the Snake River, the eclipse will traverse over mountainous terrain. Idaho will be a desirable state to view the eclipse because of good weather prospects (see The low population density should keep the roads reasonably clear and there are many scenic vantage points in Idaho."  The Great American Eclipse

craters of the moon

"The northernmost tip of the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve will experience about a minute of totality. That would be a photogenic location showing an other-worldly spectacle above an other-worldly landscape."  If you are an adventurous photographer and shooting landscapes I think the Craters of The Moon would be the greatest place for a few shots.  Perhaps a styled shoot in August or a styled elopement in which you solidify your vows on this magic day. 

Sawtooth Vista Wedding

One of the most stunning places to view the eclipse will be in the Sawtooths.  Sawtooth Vista Rentals has some lovely rental homes for your eclipse adventure or for your wedding.   Sawtooth Vista rentals  offers high quality vacation home rentals in Stanley, Idaho and the surrounding area. Enjoy your accommodations as much as your recreation. Plan an unforgettable vacation in the Sawtooth Valley and stay in the comfort and convenience of a private home. If you are not planning an eclipse wedding you can still enjoy an August getaway to the mountains. 

"If the short term weather forecast before eclipse day is good, mountaintop locations such as the top of the Sun Valley gondola (51 seconds of totality) will offer the spectacle of the adjacent mountains changing illumination quickly as the Moon's shadow races across at about 2,800 miles per hour!"   The mountain top experiences according to The Great American Eclipse should be some of the best locations in the world for viewing. 

eclipse over Idaho

Cascade, Idaho is also in the path.  McCall rests just outside the eclipse path but Cascade lies within the path. Cascade weddings re absolutely beautiful.  You can plan a lakeside affair or a mountaintop event.  

"Borah Peak, the highest in Idaho at 12,688 feet, is close to the centerline and will experience 2 minutes, 11 seconds of totality."   

No matter where you choose in Idaho to watch the eclipse we hope you enjoy it.  If you are planning an eclipse wedding we are very eager to see your photos.  #IDoWED   

2017 Eclipse Path

Spring Wedding Essentials To Remember

Sherry Scheline

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the flowers are starting to bloom! Spring has sprung here in Idaho.

With this burst of life comes a whole new type of season: SPRING WEDDINGS

From selecting the best flowers and choosing the finest venue, to picking the right colors and tastiest menus – wedding planning can be overwhelming.

Today we’re giving you a breakdown of our favorite spring wedding essentials to keep in mind when finalizing the last few details of your big day!


First and foremost, you’ll need to decide on your colors. After all, this decision will influence almost every other aspect of your wedding planning from the decorations, to the invitations, to the bridesmaids’ dresses.

For this 2017 season, we are loving greenery themes, with touches of soft pastels and pops of vibrant color.

Remember, spring is a time of warmth and fresh growth - so keep this in mind when deciding what hues fit the season, your venue, and most importantly, your personality. 

A few color combinations we're loving include:

  • Blush & Navy (Plus Greenery)
  • Peach & Gray
  • Mauve & Mint
  • Gold, Green, & Blush
  • Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue 

Don't be afraid to experiment with your colors to create a theme that matches you - romantic, modern, or vintage - the possibilities are endless.


Perhaps the second most important aspect of a spring wedding is the flowers you choose. We might be biased when we say that this season has some of the best options for floral arrangements, but take one glance at these examples and we know you'll agree. When choosing which flowers to include, we recommend:

  • Tulips
  • Peonies
  • Roses
  • Daisies
  • Lilacs
  • Anemones
  • Ranunculus

Try not to fall in love when looking through all of the endless floral possibilities! 


"April showers bring May flowers."

As you're probably well aware, the beauty of spring brings along with it some unpredictable weather. That's why it's important to think about the worst case scenario for your wedding day/venue: torrential downpour, high winds, and no indoor location to be found.

For this reason, we recommend that if you've selected an outdoor location, make sure you have a backup plan.

No matter how large or small your wedding is, companies like Tate's Events & Rentals provide the perfect solution for erratic weather changes. By securing a tent for your wedding day, you're ensuring that even an epic Idaho rainstorm won't stop you and your guests from having the time of your lives.

Hors d'Oeurves

A.K.A. the aspect of weddings that most guests are really looking forward to (we're only slightly kidding). Spring weddings bring about thoughts of light hors d'oeurves - finger sandwiches and petit fours - essentially, an extravagant tea party!

We are obsessed with this "tea party" theme captured by Cimbalik Photography. It's the perfect mix of elegance, simplicity, and Idaho charm. Not only will your guests enjoy the delicious taste of each appetizer, but also the visual appeal of an arrangement such as this.

When planning your own hors d'oeurves setup, think of a layout that will complement both the season and your wedding theme.


With the warmer weather comes the increased opportunity to experiment with all types of dress styles - for both the bride and her bridesmaids!

How beautiful is this bride in this soft pink gown? The warmth of the season allows brides to go with options that are both softer and lighter, experimenting with less fabric and more detailing.

Tip: If having an outdoor wedding, keep the length of your gown in mind.

Regarding bridesmaids, we absolutely adore the Infinity Dress by Dress and Charm! This dress is a one-size-fits-all, with endless styles and over 30 different color options. No matter the size or style of your bridesmaids, there is a design for each and every one of them to feel absolutely fabulous in. Say goodbye to the "I'll never wear that dress again" mentality!

With the spring wedding season fast approaching, feel free to take our weekly tips and incorporate them into your own planning. As always, keep checking back into our blog for more ideas on all things wedding!


Image Credits:

Photography: Cimbalik Photography

Bride's Wedding Gown: Leigh Price for Ysa Makano available at Mea Marie

Bride's Maids Gowns: Dress and Charm

McCall Wedding Venues:

Lodging and Cocktail Hour:

Done Right Management

Reception Venue:

Jug Mountain Ranch

Ceremony Venue:

Historic Church at Roseberry




Mariah Joy Kimball


Shannon Vander Esch from Snip-its

How to Plan the Perfect Mini-Moon, No Matter How Short via Martha Stewart Weddings

Sherry Scheline

How to Plan the Perfect Mini-Moon, No Matter How Short 


By Jess Levin of Carats and Cake

Not every couple has time to jet off on a honeymoon right after the wedding, but that doesn't mean you can't take a few days, or even just 24 hours, to celebrate your new relationship status. Here, wedding experts share their tips on how to plan the ultimate mini-moon no matter how short.

Pop a Bottle


"Bring along a bottle of wine, that was served at your wedding, to enjoy and reminisce about all the special moments of the big day." —Miki & Sonja Rakicevic, Owners & Photographers, Miki & Sonja Photography

Photography: Miki & Sonja Photography



"What you need most post-wedding is a chance to reflect and recharge. Pick an easy destination so you can focus on just enjoying yourselves." —Liz Banfield, Owner/Lead Photographer, Liz Banfield

Photography: Liz Banfield



"It isn't every day that we are able to leave our phones at home without consequence—and leave our to-do list at the office! Enjoy your person and every moment of your new life together, without the rest of the world in your pocket!" —Eliza Stickney, Planner & Designer, Firefly Events

Property Credit: Amangiri

Photography: Scott Clark Photography



"Treat it like a vacation, even if it is mini. Splurge a little on indulgences like a couple's massage or experiences like horseback rides on the beach. If you can spring for the upgraded suite at the hotel, two or three days spent will feel like a dream come true. And don't forget to let the hotel or resort know you're there on your mini-moon, many will throw in perks and goodies." —Brandi Reiland, Owner, Soiree Weddings & Events

Photography: Tana Photography



"If you're getting married at a luxury resort, consider extending your stay there for a few days. Most of your guests will probably head out the day after the wedding, which means you'll have the resort to yourself. You may also be able to take advantage of a lowered room rate offered to your guests and get a few nights of honeymoon bliss for a reduced rate." —Amy Nichols, Owner, Amy Nichols Special Events

Property credit: Horned Dorset Primavera

Photography: Studio 1208



"Choose a destination that you may not ordinarily choose to visit, like a local island, a ski lodge, or a winery that you saw in a magazine. While it's always nice to go back to a favorite destination, mini-mooning somewhere new can be even more romantic and exciting." —Aleah & Nick Valley, Owners, Valley & Company Events

Photography: Shannon Lee Images



"If your wedding is in New York City and you don't have time for a 'destination' honeymoon, stay right here in the Big Apple, which is a perfect destination and provides excitement, electricity, and at the same time, romantic atmosphere. The Mandarin Oriental New York is a great choice for a couple of days of pampering." —Cristina Verger, Founder/Principal, Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production


Property Credit: Mandarin Oriental New York

Photography: Hechler Photographers



"No matter how big or small your mini-moon is, it's something to look forward to and definitely helps with the post wedding blues. Even if you are planning to go on a bigger trip later, try to steal away for even a night." —Cassandra Santor, Owner, Cassandra & Company

Photography: Beaux Arts Photography

Photography : Tana Photography LLC
Design & Styling: Soiree Weddings & Events
Venue: Shore Lodge
Wedding & Event Directory: IDoWED
Flowers: Boise At It’s Best
Film/Cinematography: Silverline Films
Makeup: Gabby Marcantonio
Hair: Erica Mohammadi
Cake: Greg Marsh Designer Cakes
Dress: BB Bridal
Stationery: Paperie and Pen
Calligraphy: Sarah Pearl Studio
Sunglasses: Proof Eyewear
Models: Danielle Louie, Josiah Ness with Tatum Productions, and Nicolo Piva

The Week of the Redhead

Sherry Scheline

There is something so beautiful about a redhead.  It's Saint Patrick's Day this week and we wanted to do a feature on Irish Weddings.  Upon googling "Irish Brides" we ran across so many beautiful redheaded brides that we decided to do a feature on beautiful redheaded Idaho brides. Here are our TOP 5 

Johanna's look was captured by Cimbalik Photography. Her hair and makeup are by Shawna Hines. Her dress is by Margene's Bridal in Boise. 

Kristin's look was captured by Tana Photography. . Her makeup was by Gabrielle Marcantonio

Photo by Ellie Asher

Photo by Ellie Asher

Kelsie's beauty was captured by Ellie Asher.  Hair and makeup was by Behrens Artistry.

Audrey's beauty was captured by Ben + Joella Photography.  Makeup was by MNM Makeup Studios . Hair was done by Mariah Joy Hair.  Wedding Dress by Rooney Mae Couture.

Photo by Ben + Joellla

Photo by Ben + Joellla

Last of our top 5 redheads this week is Adra. Adra's look was makeup by Jessica Armstrong and hair by Mariah Joy Hair.  Her gown was from SOSN in Eagle. The film photography was from Ben + Joella

We love redheads.  Show us your wedding style use the hashtag #IDoWED and show us your wedding look.  


Pi Day, Making a Smart Choice

Sherry Scheline

It is 3.14 Pi (E) day!  Which means it’s time to celebrate pi, an irrational mathematical number. Today, March 14th is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. It's always smart to eat "pi."  Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and it is an irrational number. It can’t be expressed as a simple fraction of two integers. 3.14 is just the beginning of pi, it actually goes on for infinity.  It goes on for infinity just like your love.  

William Shakespeare
My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have,
for both are infinite.

Pies are a great way of tying an old family favorite to your special day.  You can also feature pies that are area specific. Georgia brides can serve up peach pie, Washington brides can dish up Apple Pie, and Idaho Brides well you, my friends get the best … No not potato pie. I’m talking about HUCKLEBERRY PIE, an Idaho favorite. 

Today, Pi Day, we hope you develop an infinite love for pie.  Foregoing wedding cake and adding in other desserts has become more and more popular.  Although tiered cakes have begun trending again, full dessert displays are still everybody's wedding "crush." 

Pie, cake, donuts, cookies...    you can do them all and make all your guests happy. 

Photographer: Cimbalik Photography

Flowers: Wildflower Events



Farm Girls Do It Themselves

Sherry Scheline

Sami Jo is an Idaho girl with a spitfire personality.  I met her at a wedding show in the early stages of her planning. Upon meeting her I knew that her wedding would be one that you would want to be at.  Her personality was so enjoyable.  Her smile was infectious and she had a wonderful laugh.  You immediately knew the wedding would be a fun party. 

Sami Jo is a do it yourself country girl.  She is one of those gals that takes life by the horns and just conquers.  

Most of the weddings we choose to publish have the assistance of a wedding coordinator. Coordinators are great at the little details.  Sami Jo however had every little detail covered.  She also comes from a family that is pretty down to earth and they all stepped in and helped out. 

Sami Jo's family lives on a beautiful farm here in Idaho and it provides a great deal of natural beauty.  Sami chose to maximize that the best she could.  She then made custom signage for just about every aspect of the reception.  Sami's Pinterest page was checked off one beautiful craft after another. 


Sami spent much of her planning time gathered antiques and decor to spruce up her parents already gorgeous estate.   She enjoyed every minute of it and found some beautiful components. 

The colors were turquoise, the Bride's favorite, and light pink accents.  The bride chose pink linens to really dress things up. Each guest was given a mason jar for sweet tea or the beverage of their choice. 

Saltwater taffy in her wedding colors added a party confetti look to the tables. 

The key to a successful DIY and managing all of your decor aspects and producing a successful event is "Attention to detail."  Sami Jo had everything meticulously planned out including the days schedule. 

Simply using boots as decor is not only practical and can be used after the wedding, but they make perfect props for wedding pictures. 

Brides DIY tip is to start collecting early and enjoy the process.  

For more from Sami Jo and Chase's wedding check out the Winter / Spring edition of IDoWED.

All photos from the talented Samuel Marvin Photography


Belles and Beaux

Sherry Scheline

Brides want swept away in to a world of fantasy where they are the queen.   Far to often at wedding shows we miss the mark and the show becomes a tragic walk through of information gathering. Belles and Beaux was a dream come true. We broke that mold and created a whole new experience. 


We had the perfect location.  Chateau Des Fleurs is magical, the chandeliers, the big windows, the marble floor, and so much more.  The Chateau is certainly the closest you will get to a European Palace in Idaho.   Chateaus Des Fleurs is located in Eagle and is one of Idaho's newest venues. It has both indoor and outdoor options and has in house catering with service down to an art. 

We had the perfect vendors.  Our vendors were certainly the finest in the event industry, from lodging at The Grove Hotel to cakes from Flour Child, we had it all.   This was the first official year of Belles and Beaux as a full wedding show.  It was delightful to have such an exceptional group of vendors participating. 


The ballrooms were transformed in to exhibit space. Many of the event professionals going all out like Sam Marvin Photography.  Sam created a beautiful space for his brides to sit and chat and learn about his many services. 


Belles and Beaux is specifically designed to be more intimate.  The show where you get time with your vendors and can exchange dialogue in a very positive way.   Providing an atmosphere that is less about mass information gathering and having the bride get overwhelmed with business cards and papers and more about finding out about the event professionals and understanding what the best fit for you, the bride, is.  The information gathered is more direct and about the relationship building between professional and client. 

We believe in raising the standard of excellence and taking it to a new level.  Redefining what  a wedding show should be.  Helping the participating vendors market the show after the show.  Building lasting relationships with the brides they met, the Chateau and IDoWED.

We had the perfect team.  The staff at Chateau Des Fleurs was simply outstanding.  Marcella and her team at I Love Boise Weddings handled the vendor relations, booths,  show setup and more.  IDOWED along with Tatum Productions assembled the fashion show team.   

These beautiful men and women gave up there weekend to come be a part of this enjoyable time. They talked to brides, they walked around in some of the most wonderful dresses in Idaho, and last they killed it on the runway. 


We had the perfect day.  We had a real wedding, featuring Boise Wedding Officiants, FoxTrot Event Styling, 4eva bouquets and La Neige Tuxedo.   Our  very own little miss Reagan was the flower girl. (Tatum Productions) 


We had classes taught by experts including a makeup class "Everyday vs WeddingDay."  Which was taught by Micalah Howard of MNM Makeup Studios and done with absolute perfection.  

There was a storm outside but it did not take anything away from what was happening inside. "Don't rain on my parade."



We ended the perfect day with a proposal that is still being talked about, dinner at The Chateau, and dancing with music from VCInAudio.  All the ingredients for a perfect event.  VIBE You are a Very Important Bride and even if you missed this very important bride event we hope these photos help inspire you and direct you to some of the most wonderful vendors in Idaho.   



Thank you to all the brides and grooms that came out. Gratitude to all of the event professionals for enjoying the first VIBE (Very Important Bride Event)  and a big shout out to all the models.  Thank you all so much!

Official Belles and Beaux Photographer was Ben + Joella Photography


We Interrupt Harvest Season to Bring You This Wedding

Sherry Scheline

It's not quite harvest season, but spring has us dreaming of new growth and the harvest to come. We hope you enjoy Sami's story. 

"On October 17, 2015, after attending another friends wedding, Chase asked me to be his wife. It was the perfect proposal because I couldn't have been more surprised!! I was overwhelmed with emotions- so happy, blessed, and on the highest cloud possible, the love of my life wanted me to be his wife!!"   Sami Jo

The wedding planning was an extremely fun process for me! I tried my hardest to enjoy every moment and milestone because I knew it would go so fast. Throughout our engagement- I spent a lot of time making things and collecting antiques for the big day. I made all the signs for directions to our venue, a special sign displayed on our alter saying, "we interrupt harvest season to bring you this wedding."

I woke up on the morning on Sept 17th, in my room at my parents house, surrounded by my most special bridesmaids, screaming "IT'S MY WEDDING DAY!" I ran up the stairs, picked my mom up and spun her around 5 times. I couldn't believe it, the day was finally here.

Our venders were all SO outstanding. I can't say enough good things about each of them. Samuel Marvin with Samuel Marvin Photography showed up right when our hair/makeup began, along with Kiri and Troy Vawdrey with Goose Films.

As hair and makeup began I knew I couldn't begin my makeup until after I read my letter Chase had wrote me that morning. I was right. I bawled when I read the envelope. It said "to my one and only."

While getting our hair and makeup done, my girls and I had such a blast!! Laughing, loving, celebrating, making memories I will never be able to replace.

While getting ready I could see Chase out in the yard setting up for the biggest day of our life. I kept saying how handsome he is and how lucky I am to have him! I am not a very emotional person, at all, but on that day, I couldn't hold back the happy tears, and I couldn't express enough the appreciation for everyone coming together for us.

There are no words to express how grateful I am for everyone who came together to make it such a magical fairytale. The weather gave us quite a scare that day. The forecast called for no rain, and when I walked outside for our first look, there were big dark clouds all around. I remember my sister telling me it would be fine (we had cancelled our tents because there was no call for rain) and I told her "If it rains we will get wet!" The clouds made a perfect overcast for photos, and went around us. We are so fortune the weather cooperated and made for such a beautiful day, and better yet, a breathtaking sunset!

That moment walking down the isle, with my dad, and my mini dachshund Slinky (wearing a turquoise bow tie, with a sign that said "I loved her first") it was an indescribable feeling. You plan and plan for so many months, envisioning your big day, and I can honestly say, our day blew my wildest expectations of a perfect day. I told my dad as we were walking down the isle "slow down" because I never wanted that moment to be over!

Chase and I had personal vows we wrote to one another, and we branded a box to seal our unity. The ceremony was performed by Chase's oldest brother, Chad Harberd, who made it so personal and sentimental. After we were pronounced husband and wife, Chase dipped me for the kiss of a what fairytales are made of!!

The celebration continued with amazing food, awesome live music, cold drinks and great people! We will cherish those memories forever, and we are so grateful to have such amazing photos and video to look back on to reminisce on our wonderful day, and to remember all the loved ones who came together- near and far to celebrate the love story of SJ and Chase

Photography: Sam Marvin Photography

Makeup: Beaute by Kryssa

Wedding Gown: La Neige Bridal

Many DIY projects and fashion elements by the bride.  

She now has her own store: Ace's Arrow Boutique


Vote Yes on HB139

Sherry Scheline

Vote YES on HB139

Greetings! My name is Sherry Scheline and I am the editor and chief of Idaho's largest wedding and event publication.  
I do not fall under the cosmetician guidelines of the State of Idaho in anyway, but the current regulations as well as future drastically effect my bottom dollar as well as the success of my magazine. 
Today, I am pleading with you as the editor of a beautiful magazine, but I also appeal to you as a resident of McCall, Idaho. 
I see the struggle from different eyes.  I see McCall, ID as a tourism community with an average of 10 weddings a weekend during the summer.  That is an average of 1000 out of town guest in the McCall area any given weekend during the summer months. Our community thrives off of tourism. The growth of destination weddings in McCall has brought a comfortable sustainability. McCall however has a workforce problem.  This workforce problem effects restaurants, hotels, and yes hair salons. Many of the hair salons in McCall will not accommodate wedding hair and very few stylist offer makeup or are not trained in the art of makeup. In order to continue this growth in having McCall be a destination wedding prime location we need to allow hair and makeup artists from outside come in and practice event styling. 

Event styling is a huge component in our industry.  I wanted to take a moment and share with you 5 photos.  This 5 images are taken on the same day, in the same room, of the same girl, by the same photographer.  
We gave multiple artists as well as hairdressers one word and they created magic.  These 5 images showcase the power of hair and makeup. 

This bill is essential for you the bride to be.  It is a crucial component to the success of your day. 

Every Bride is Different

Our differences are endless.  Choosing a stylist for your wedding both hair and makeup should not be defined by a location.  Our differences should allow us to color outside the lines and choose diversity.  A bride may choose St. John's Cathedral or she may choose the back country of the Frank Church Wilderness.  No matter the choice she should be able to have her beauty team by her side. 

Young Fresh and Social Media Friendly

Today's bride does not want to sit for hours at the hair salon getting her hair done.  She wants to be in the privacy of her own home or a bridal suite sipping champagne and Snap chatting her friends.  Our lives through social media have become so public that we cherish the privacy of special moments.